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Re: A plea for some peace

Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au> writes:

>    We will not be pouting and leaving.  We will have been driven out.

*YOU* will not be driven out.

> Roughly half my packages are non-free.  I'll have been told take them
> elsewhere.  If I then have to create that elsewhere-to-go-to why wouldn't I
> take the entire free archive with me and fork the project?  

What's the point of doing that?  Just apt the new place.  It's not
that hard.

>    We tried to tell Goerzen this would happen on IRC.  He, you, and the rest
> are not listening.  If we have to create nonfree.org or whatever it won't
> just be an add-on to DFSG Debian.  We'll have to take free Debian too to
> make sure DFSG packages aren't yanked out from under non-free packages that
> still depend on them (libc5 for instance for binary-only games, libc6 vs
> 6.1).

You keep beating your drum about this but you continue to fail to
explain why.

And we'd still keep libc5 in the dist.

>    Then there's the package-name conflicts.  What happens if Debian

This can be coordinated.  Heck, one could just add "nf-" in front of
it.  It's a generic problem as we approach a global namespace for
Debian packages.

> It has lower priority for me.   "Debian" is us.  We decide how much support
> non-free gets.  This General Resolution will *force* me to put more time

Indeed we do decide.  That's what this GR is asking us to do.

> into non-free.  Do you understand now why there is such violent opposition
> to it?   The existence of non-free on Debian servers doesn't make you spend
> any time on it, use it, or anything.  The absence will make me spend a lot
> more time on it.

Not so.  You could just upload elsewhere, or whatever.  Stop being
selfish about it.

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