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Re: KDE questions

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000, Ian McKellar wrote:

) Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 20:28:33 +0800
) From: Ian McKellar <yakk-debian-devel@yakk.net.au>
) To: Stefan Westerfeld <stefan@space.twc.de>
) Cc: Jimmy O'Regan <jimregan@litsu.ie>, Gregor Hoffleit <gregor@hoffleit.de>,
     Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr>, debian-devel@lists.debian.org
) Subject: Re: KDE questions
) On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 02:07:32AM +0200, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
) > 
) > Basically, the only way out for Debian & KDE I see is: package what you can,
) > and don't package what you can't, and try to improve the share you can package
) > by gradually convincing developers that if they change their license, you'll
) > be able to distribute their code. Maybe you could also discuss packaging code
) > which was only written for the sole purpose to be run with KDE.
) > 
) There is another way, thought I find it offensive - we could have kde-source
) packages like we have qmail-source packages. The isn't fair to the 
) non-KDE programmers whose code has been taken by KDE and linked against Qt,
) but it is probably a legal alternative to relicencing KDE or Qt.
This has been discussed before, and the resolution was it's the same thing
to distribute this code, whether compiled or as source. The issue with
qmail is just that it doesn't allow modified binaries to be redistributed.
) What I would really like to see is someone like Corel or Suse fund an 
) LGPLed Qt clone so that they can legally distribute KDE. Someone will end
) up sueing the distributors. I would certainly be very pissed off if someone
) linked any of my GPLed code against Qt.
That's waht Harmony was. QT2 makes such a replacement unnecessary *if* the
GPL clause is included in GPLd software.
And do you mean just linking against your code, or linking without your
permission? While as the author you are entitled to take any position you
want with your software, the latter is the position Debian are taking on
behalf of writers of GPLd software whose permission hasn't been sought
) Ian

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