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Re: profile.d [was Re: UMASK 002 or 022?]

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 12:22:09PM +0000, Marc Haber wrote:
> That solution is generally preferable IMO, but it performs poorly when
> packages are installed later then user accounts created.
> What we'd need is infrastructure to inspect /etc/skel periodically and
> offer users with already existent accounts to copy new files from
> /etc/skel over to the home directory if the file doesn't yet exist in


cat > /var/news/newdotfiles
Notice, the default .bash_profile and .bashrc files have been updated
in /etc/skel.  they contain some new useful example configuration
items, these are primarly useful for the new FooBar package that has
just been installed.  enjoy.

(add /usr/bin/news to the end of /etc/profile)

if the users are really clueless provide a simple shell script that
they can run to grab the new dotfiles.

> the home dir. Or maybe even regarding these files as user-specific
> config files and handling them like dpkg does it with system-wide
> config files.

dpkg should *NOT* be touching anything in /etc/skel [1] (i was quite
ticked when bash happily blew away my customized and documented
/etc/skel files awhile ago) the environment should be edited by the
admin *not* the packaging system. 

[1] except for initial install of template *conf* files.  not to be
replaced when edited like any other conffile.

Ethan Benson

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