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Re: User Manager

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 04:48:53PM +0200, Roso Giuseppe (Beppe) wrote:
> Two years ago I and one of my friends made a Tcl/Tk user manager
> interface. I have no time to continue in developing but if someone wants
> to do it... There isn't license (hopefully GPL) or rigths so it can be
> modified as someone wants (also Credits).
> Known bugs:
> -It use ./passwd and ./group files instead of /etc (we had no root
>  rigths in the environment, and it was only a project for an exam in
>  university).
> -Root must use it on NIS server (no support for NIS).
> -There is no possibility to include user in more groups.
> In the package there is also a little description file of what it can do
> (see that it has many facilities, directory browser that check permission
>  etc.). I'm sorry all source comment are in Italian, but if someone intend
> to do something can e-mail me for help and/or translations.

I'de like to take on the project. I started on a similar one so that LDAP
could be integrated seamlessly (using tcl/tk aswell).


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