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Re: A plea for some peace

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 01:15:46AM +0100, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> Wrong. I'm a free software person (as people who know me will
> testify), but I know from experience that forcing your ideology down
> people's throats is not the way to persuade them. I believe this GR
> will actually damage the reputation of the free software community -
> it'll make us look like a bunch of ideological extremists.

What he said.  

I think the fact that we have a non-free section which gets treated as 
a second class citizen in many respects demonstrates adequately our 
preference for free software.  Sure, it's not going to get the message 
over to everyone - but I don't think this resolution will help convince 
people of the merits of free software.

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