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Re: nonfree.com

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On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Ralph Mellor wrote:

> i'm happy to transfer my 5 minute old ownership of nonfree.com,
> with no strings attached, to whomever can demonstrate they could
> put it to sufficiently good use.

Hold that thought.... It this GR passes, we may need it.
[ BTW, thanx for the thought, and the cash outlay. :^) ]
> sufficiently good use will probably require sufficient initial
> conditional sponsorship commitments from primary benefactors
> of centralized non-free distribution to pay for the hosting.

In the event of passage of this (ludicrous, IMHO) GR, I hereby offer
to take up the initial master archive of non-free, pending acquisition
of a faster/redundant/better home for it.

WRT to nonfree.com, if it could be transferred to me, c/o tzo.com
at that time.... Until the 'permanent' home is established, at which
time it would be transferred there....

> of course the name sucks and i would expect the final concrete
> nonfree distribution point to use a different domain name. but
> i thought this was as good a start as any.


What else sucks is the fact that we are even _required_ to have to
consider this. Non-free doesn't take up that many 'resources'.

Hell! If the 'resources' are the problem, I'll NFS export enough
space (I have ~45Gb free) to cover it. And I'd accept an alias
entry on the Debian BTS pointing any bug traffic for non-free
to my machines.

I must say that I agree with the GR, in principle. However, I also
feel compelled to be realistic about things. If we as a group take
an adversarial stance (as opposed to the current _indifferent_ stance) 
against non-free software (and by extension, commercial software), what
will happen to the level of commercial _support_ we now enjoy? And what
will happen to our future prospects for commercial support?

Never mind how many users we will lose, either by defection of current
users, or new users choosing a different distro, containing NF software.

[ NF Software: They think of _us_ as their enemy[*], so f**k 'em! ]
[ New User: This distro don't have <my.favorite.NF.ware>. F**k 'em! ]

* I don't recall who said it, but NF software and it's vendors were
indeed referred to an "the enemy" in the course of this discussion.

I realize that we are not in this for popularity. But if we can't
touch companies/users, we can't evangelize them to the Free Software
concept. There is where we would lose....

Since I am only "in the que", my opinion don't count, I guess....

But here is my $0.02 anyway....


[ Considering Redhat.... ]
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