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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Branden Robinson proclaimed:
> I think you misunderstand the point of the GR.  The point is *not* to make
> non-free software difficult to use.  The point is to redirect some of
> Debian's official development resources away from the upkeep of non-free
> packages.  Note all the qualifiers, especially "official".  Debian
> developers will still be free to maintain non-free .deb packages.  Non-free
> .deb packages will continue to exist.  They just wouldn't be hosted on
> official Debian mirrors.  

$ pwd

$ du -sh *
67M     contrib
1.4G    main
217M    non-free

That is hardly any resource.

> A separate BTS would need to be set up for the non-free packages.
> The automatic bug reporting tools might need to be made aware of these
> alternative bug systems.

Seriously, how much bandwidth / disk space does the non-free portion of the
BTS take up?  Can you provide numbers?  Or is your argument one byte for
non-free on official Debian resources is one byte too many?

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