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RE: General Resolution: Removing non-free

if u r going to write anything in response to this, plz read all
of if first. i have donned suitable asbestosware.


1. my experiences of j goerzen prior to this controversial proposal
have been consistently negative.

2. my experience of the western concept of morality has been very
negative overall. i am not interested in the notion of morality as
it applies to software in general, or debian in particular.

3. i am completely comfortable with commerce and intellectual
property having a central role in human affairs and am very pleased
i am able to use what i believe r the fruits of these concepts in my
life and on my desktop. imo, it is clear that debian must not put
any significant road-blocks in the way of ppl being able to get and
use non-free stuff on debian.

4. i am a marketer, and a business manager, and the perspective i
have of what debian should do is heavily influenced by these roles
i have in life.

ok, here's my input:

i would not expect there to be any non-DFSG compliant bits (as in
computer bits) on debian.org or any sub-domain, and i would not
expect anyone wearing their debian developer hat to use any debian
resources on non-DFSG bits.

that that is not the case at the moment is plausibly fine and
appropriate in a pragmatic sense, but, imo, is plain wrong in
both marketing and general management senses.

and i strongly suspect it is, or soon will be, no longer
appropriate even in a pragmatic sense.


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