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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

SSL support exists for Mozilla.

You are dangling a red herring here.  Nobody will ever think that
there is nothing in non-free that is of use to someone somewhere.  We
have to do it sometime.  Let's do it now.

-- John

Chris Lawrence <quango@watervalley.net> writes:

> I think this is a perfectly sound proposal... once the software in
> non-free is substantially replaced by what we can distribute within
> Debian.  This battle should be fought when we have a Mozilla that does
> everything Netscape does (and can be hosted on a US mirror... Mozilla
> is pretty worthless to me w/o SSL support), when we have an animation
> player that does everything xanim does, when we have a PDF viewer that
> does everything acroread does (IIRC, acroread is the only PDF viewer
> that supports finding text in documents), etc.  Fighting it now will
> only hurt us and (if this proposal succeeds) our users, not to mention
> our image.  Debian may not be a popularity contest (package
> "popularity-contest" notwithstanding ;-), but we have better things to
> do with our time (like, um, releasing potato) than fighting among
> ourselves and pissing off users and potential users.
> Chris
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