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Re: network installer uses HTTP instead of FTP to load base2_2.tgz

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Ron Flory wrote:

>  I do have an issue with inconstant means of downloading necessary files
> during an install.  http is simply a bad choice for dozens of reasons. 
> Forcing the user to provide http accessible file instead of simply
> accessing the base2_2.tgz file via anonymous and/or non-anonymous FTP is
> curiously over-restrictive. Why?

Actually, http is loads less restrictive. You can put the files in a ~foo
directory for instance, can't do that with ftp. It is much easier and
safer to setup a http daemon if you don't have any capability and http is
more likely to be properly operational on your network (particularly if it
is firewalled)
I don't see any reason ftp support should be considered anything more than
a wishlist item for the installer.


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