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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free


>BTW, AFAIK Mozilla doesn't support https yet, and I *need* https support
>(no lynx-ssl doesn't go since I need javascript & frame too). :-) Is there
>something going for https support in Mozilla ?

IMHO, this point is at least not strong. I cannot do a long
phat chinese article with debian very easily, either.
But sometime i really need to input a long long chinese article,
so what? i got something other to use (a friend machine, etc...)
but Debian at the time is free-software. say, Debian is free,
and people need java (and cannot work on japhar, or help them
at that time) can download jdk themselves and install under 
/usr/local, or, even
someone can provide them a apt repository (just as if helixcode did
for their gnome.). hence i see the resolution has little to do with 
the usabiliy of Debian. but makes debian a something just as always.
and more outstanding in the ...mortal... of free software. 8)

As i understand the resolution is: we should remove non-free from
DEBIAN, but if you insists non-free in YOUR BOX, that is your case.
(and sure here are some more tech issues to be review. 8)

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