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Start using potato-proposed-updates?

I have also been bitten by the Xsession bug (it's now been reported at
least 7 or 8 times).  I presume that potato won't release without a
fixed version of the X packages, because of this if nothing else.  So
we're going to need another test cycle.

But I was thinking: what would happen if there's another major bug
introduced?  Then we'll have to go through yet another test cycle.
This could take a long time.

I have a suggestion to alleviate this potential problem.  Once the
Release Manager decides that we will need another test cycle because
of some RC bugs, he starts uploading packages which will go into the
next test cycle into potato-proposed-updates.  In this way, the CDs
etc. can be tested, but also the packages which will be updated in the
next test cycle can also be tested, without having to wait for the
next test cycle to begin before any new RC bugs are found.

What do you think of this idea?



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