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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 03:42:27AM -0400, David Graham wrote:
> Looking over this resolution, and the implications in it, I can't help but
> feel we're taking a step back. We're taking a step away from where debian
> needs to go. By closing debian to closed programmes, debian becomes
> closed. Whether all software is GPL'd or MS-EULA'd, it doesn't matter.
> Both restrict the system, and the further development for it.
> By purging non-free, we lose more then just software. We lose credibility.
> Debian's moral "standards" will be so strong and exclusive, that the
> group of users and developers for debian will become an old-men's club
> much in the way FreeBSD has become. Why must debian shoot itself in the
> foot?

	I agree with you 
Debian have to offer to all, all kind of software which can be debianaized. I belive in DFSG and FreeSoftware in general but we can't close our group only for puritanist of FreeSoftware. 

> If the non-free software were entirely replaced by free software with the
> same functionality, then the non-free software will whither and die of its
> own accord. The fact that it continues to thrive demonstrates its
> usefulness, and forcing new users to only use free software may send them
> to other distributions, where they will be able to install a wider
> variety of software due to non-free being present.
> I do not believe that forcing users to rely on freshmeat for software that
> debian considers 'immoral', as the last paragraph implies, will help
> anyone. 

"There aren't immoral software but only immoral license" :-> 
Out the joke, I agree, we have to offer all kind of software, and if a person want only freesoftware will use main section software, the other wathever they want; but we have to offer them all of this

> Allow me, for a second, to draw a parallel with the Religious Right:
>   They exclude anyone who, they believe, is not 'pure'. They eliminate
>   those with slightly different perspectives, because they do not conform.
>   Their argument is much the same. They don't give back, they're immoral,
>   they don't have use for them. Heck they take up the prized front seats 
>   of the church!
> That is the same attitude that this resolution reflects. If debian wants
> to portray itself as an open system, then they'd best stay open to those
> that don't conform. 

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