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Re: UMASK 002 or 022?

* Decklin Foster (fosterd@hartwick.edu) [000606 16:23]:
> [this bounced, i guess i'll send it to the list]

Hmmmm....You mean to me directly, it bounced?

> The Doctor What writes:
> > Should umask be 002 or 022?
> > 
> > /etc/profile (base-files) has 022.
> > /etc/zprofile (zsh) has 002.
> > 
> > man-db obviously expects any user man directories to be group
> > writable.
> Why would man be running a login shell?

Well, you never know man would want to play a round of atc....

No, actually the issue is that if I make a directory, '~/man' and
stick personal man pages in it, mandb can't make an index file for
them and man can't read them.

Man is setuid user 'man'.  So if the umask is 022, the above
happens.  If the umask is 002, then it isn't a problem.

Does that help? or am I still not clear?

There are other reasons why 002 makes sense:  I thought that's the
whole idea behind a user id and group id being the same.


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