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Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V100 #209

>I had planned improvements to the set6x86 package, particularly a
>configuration interface that allowed selection of what would be
>toggled, offering suggestions based on /proc/cpuinfo (including
>warnings if the vendor_id didn't match).
>However, my 6x86 system was rendered inoperative.  As time continues
>to pass, it looks more and more unlikely that I am going to have
>a working 6x86 system on which to test the package.
>Thus, sadly, I am offering the package up for adoption.  Who can
>find it a good home?

I am in the queue to become a New Maintainer as soon as I can find
someone to sign my key.  One of my toys is a MediaGX (266 Mhz)
so I can either take over this package or give you an account.

Either way is fine by me.


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