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ITP: vpopmail, qmailadmin, codecommander

REM: I am in queue to become official debian maintainer.  All
packages mentioned below can be found at:
deb http://www.sury.cz/debian unstable misc

(There are some other packages as a newest MySQL and repackaged
freecdb which I libtoolized.I will send patch to upstream
(and debian) maintainer as soon I will find where I did put 
the changes.)

### VPOPMAIL ###

Vpopmail is virtual domain management system for qmail.  It runs
under one uid/gid to simplify user/domain management.  It obsoletes
vchkpw found in slink/potato (maybe removed due bugs).

I know that John Marler packaged this also, but he canceled
packaging as of version 3.4.9.  I have packaged all new versions
(newest is 4.6-1).

License is GPL and I have removed cdb code from upstream and
used freecdb found in debian.  Homepage is http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail/

I have also written several patches to upstream version (which
some of them was accepted and some of them will be hopefully
merge in upstream.  I have rewritten parts of code to use plugin
architecture so one can choose database backend at runtime.)


Qmailadmin is web based administration tool for administrating
domains under vpopmail.

License is GPL.  Homepage is http://www.inter7.com/qmailadmin/.


Codecommander is GTK+ programers editor with syntax highlighting
for several lanugages (C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP and so.)

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