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Re: Should we divide Debian to usable and unusable

	I understand your point. Lets hope that end users dont install woody or
even potato. :)
	Package Pool can solve this issue.
Quoting Sami Haahtinen (ressu@uusikaupunki.fi):
> On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 03:09:05AM -0700, Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
> > > I've seen many unusable programs be announced as ITP, what use is it
> > > for the normal user to have something that you cannot use.
> > > 
> > 	A normal user can only download the programms that he likes (less than
> > 1.0 or not)
> the point of my mail was that those who like to have unstable software on
> theyre computers should have different different sources than the ones
> who have just began to use Linux, it is a BIG disappontment if first 50
> programs that you isntall aren't usable.
> > > Yes, i use Mozilla, which is considered mostly unusable, and many other
> > > developement softwares.
> > > 
> > 	If none test Mozilla, Mozilla will not go to 1.0.
> > 	Gimp (today at 1.1.23) was tested for three years before 1.0.
> but they were known to be usable. 
> i've seen a few times when someone makes an ITP, and the upstream author
> thinks that it's not ready for packaging.
> actually xfrisk which i'm packaging is waiting for two things at the
> moment, other of those is that the upstream doesn't think it should be
> distributed yet. i for one, respect that. 
> (for those who wait for the package, there is an package available at
> my homepage http://www.uusikaupunki.fi/~ressu)
> the main reason is that they are doing some major changes and for it to
> be good enough for distribution, they have to be finished.
> > > although.. 
> > > we have 1371 pre 1.0 packages, against 5309 packages total..
> > > (approx 25%)
> > > 
> > 	This the beauty of Free Software and Debian in particuular we cn
> > download and install alpha and beta software for test, improve or know what is
> > happening in terms of programms. 
> i'm with you here, but you think of it as a developer, user, tester or
> whatever. i'm trying to think of it as an end user, that hasn't got a
> clue about beta alpha or the term unstable.
> > 	I like this way. Imagine Evolution 0.1 (Outlook like gnome program). I
> > want to test it and sugest improvemmenents. If it's packaged it much better to
> > do this. It's only apt-get install evolution.
> i agree with you here, i like to get involved, make suggestions,
> corrections and improvements. but a basic user doesn't...
> as i stated out in the beginning, i'm trying to think of this from
> the end users point of view, they don't understand that there can be
> two versions that you can download, 'stable' and 'developement'.. they
> expect there to be one version that works.
> for so many times i've seen an beginner to complain that it's not stable,
> it's not usable and so on. mostly because they don't understand that if
> they download developement versions, they can expect crashes, but still
> they complain.
> i only hope that if the package pool ever gets to action, it would solve
> even a bit of these problems.
> Regards, Sami Haahtinen
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