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Re: Upgrade docs and Release Notes (was Re: Starting second test cycle)

> > For sparc that is fine. I'm willing to tell people to make sure they have
> > the latest slink apt/dpkg before proceeding and use this method than to
> > compile a static apt/dpkg and hack together some preinst checks. As for
> > the apt problem, it is _only_ eveident when some odd sequence of
> > _multiple_ CD's are involved in upgrades. This wont happen if you only do
> > apt-cdrom on CD #1, and only install apt and dpkg. I know, I've tested
> > this much before.
> Excellent! So that's the preferred way of upgrading sparc. Good. If it hasn't
> been done already (don't have CVS at the moment) I'll add it to the
> release-notes patch I intend work on tomorrow. 

IMO, this can be suggested for all archs to avoid having to supply special
packages and complex instructions (maybe not complex to you, but for
users...). Telling them to insert CD's in a particular order is better
than telling them to install special single packages.


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