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Re: [ANNOUNCE]: apt-method-rsh (ITP, etc...)

I downloaded and installed this, now I would like to know a rsh URL to add
to my sources.list so I can test it.

Ron Rademaker

PS. The URL you provided had a typo:

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> I've written this method based on existing code in apt. It uses the
> libapt-pkg API. Control info follows:
>  Package: apt-method-rsh
>  Source: apt-method-rsh
>  Version: 1.0
>  Section: utils
>  Priority: extra
>  Architecture: any
>  Recommends: rsh-client | ssh
>  Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
>  Description: RSH (and compatible) method for apt
>   This package provides an alternative method to apt using rsh or similar
>   programs. In other words if your package archive is available via a
>   remote system using rsh, you can add rsh URI's to your apt sources.list
>   and then use it the same as you would an HTTP or FTP archive. The method
>   supports single-session connections for multiple transfers and also
>   resume/resend.
> As you can see this boasts a few key features including:
>  - Single-session connections. This means the method only connects via rsh
>    once, and then pipes the data over it as opposed to calling ssh for
>    each file.
>  - After installing this you can use rsh and ssh URI's in sources.list,
>    plus support other rsh type programs (such as kerberos rsh) simply by
>    making a symlink of the appropriate name to the rsh method in
>    /usr/lib/apt/methods/ (the same that was done for ssh).
>  - Supports resuming partial transfers.
>  - Supports checking file size and time stamps prior to transfering to
>    avoid retranfers an assure local is in sync with remote.
> You can download source and i386/sparc packages from:
> 	http://auric.debian.org/~bcollins/apt-method/rsh/
> I wont be uploading this to the archive untill some people test it and check
> for bugs. The source code is only a day old, so it is surely not perfect
> (plus I can't program C++ worth squat, so there are a lot of C'isms and
> possibly some misunderstood code).
> Ben
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