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[ANNOUNCE]: apt-method-rsh (ITP, etc...)

I've written this method based on existing code in apt. It uses the
libapt-pkg API. Control info follows:

 Package: apt-method-rsh
 Source: apt-method-rsh
 Version: 1.0
 Section: utils
 Priority: extra
 Architecture: any
 Recommends: rsh-client | ssh
 Maintainer: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
 Description: RSH (and compatible) method for apt
  This package provides an alternative method to apt using rsh or similar
  programs. In other words if your package archive is available via a
  remote system using rsh, you can add rsh URI's to your apt sources.list
  and then use it the same as you would an HTTP or FTP archive. The method
  supports single-session connections for multiple transfers and also

As you can see this boasts a few key features including:

 - Single-session connections. This means the method only connects via rsh
   once, and then pipes the data over it as opposed to calling ssh for
   each file.
 - After installing this you can use rsh and ssh URI's in sources.list,
   plus support other rsh type programs (such as kerberos rsh) simply by
   making a symlink of the appropriate name to the rsh method in
   /usr/lib/apt/methods/ (the same that was done for ssh).
 - Supports resuming partial transfers.
 - Supports checking file size and time stamps prior to transfering to
   avoid retranfers an assure local is in sync with remote.

You can download source and i386/sparc packages from:


I wont be uploading this to the archive untill some people test it and check
for bugs. The source code is only a day old, so it is surely not perfect
(plus I can't program C++ worth squat, so there are a lot of C'isms and
possibly some misunderstood code).


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