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Re: Upgrade docs and Release Notes (was Re: Starting second test cycle)

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> > 
> > BTW, it just crossed my mind that a potato/sparc-compiled static apt might
> > just work perfectly ONCE you have a 2.2.x kernel. Procedures would then become
> > very easy:
> Yes, but not everyone reads the docs on upgrades.

Indeed. However, in this case the problem is likely to solve itself, since
no-one will even know about the static apt/dpkg _unless_ they read the docs. 
And a DO_NOT_INSTALL_THESE.txt along with the .debs should do the rest. 
Debian sysadmins usually are not _that_ stupid ;-)

> >  - compile & install 2.2.x kernel
> "install the kernel deb from potato"

(unless you need some special options ;-)

> >  - install static apt/dpkg if using CDs
> >  - <see other arches>
> "see general upgrade procedure"
> > Will this work? Why not? (Apart from the fact that the preinst of dpkg/apt
> > don't check for a 2.2.x kernel (which, if needed, should be solvable easily))
> That's the kicker, and it is not so easily solvable without copying over
> the ugly hacks I have in libc6's preinst. Which I would not even want in
> either of these packages.

Are they really so ugly? (if uname -r != 2.2.* then "exit -1"? or something
with /proc/version?) And anyway, these are only non-mainstream temporary pkgs
(i.e. no need to get these hacks in the "regular" apt/dpkg source; the
"staticness" hacks aren't either). I don't see a big problem. 

> > Also to Josip: I know you can upgrade by mounting each CD consequtively etc. 
> > That's the way 2.0->2.1 was done. You can also upgrade by
> > dpkg -i /cdrom/dists/potato/main/binary-i386/xxx/yyy.deb for each and every
> > package, which is just slightly more horrible.
> No, you could simply do apt-cdrom on the first CD *only*, then
> "apt-get install apt dpkg"
> This would get you that far, and then you would have the new packages,
> wihtout a lot of fuss, and run apt-cdrom on the other 2 cdrom's, and run
> "apt-get dist-upgrade".

Yeah, I've thought of that, too. Only it doesn't work on anything < 2.1r4
(2.1r0's apt doesn't have apt-cdrom), so you'd have to fetch & (manually!)
install "half-new" slink versions first anyway. Also apt 0.3.19 fixes a random
(timing-related) deadlock thing in the CD handling, so if you're out of luck,
"apt-get install" from CDs "won't work as expected". (Never happened to me,
but I've seen several reports.)

Really, the static apt/dpkg method is the cleanest and most universal method I
can think of.

  Anne Bezemer

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