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Re: Proposal: use BTS for wnpp

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> If I ITP foobar and after 300 days I haven't uploaded anything, I guess you
> would mail bug #foobar-wishlist to comment that. How would I know you did?
> CC's or something? Is there an automatic way to do this in the BTS?

Hm, this is a different idea than just a 'wnpp' package in the BTS, isn't
it?  It's not quite clean, as there are two possible sources of wishlists,
ITP's which are associated with a developer and wishlist requests from
users which are not.  The latter would have to be filed against 'wnpp'
whereas the former could conceivably be filed against 'foobar-wishlist'. 
But do we really want the added complexity?  Then we'd have to look two
places for wishlists instead of one.

I think simply having a 'wnpp' will suffice for now.  If it turns out to
be a phenomenal success, generating all sorts of action against 'wnpp', it
may later be decided to support the creation of -wishlist packages from
ITP's before a package is even created.

Thinking ahead, if the time comes to do that, the ITP itself may not be
the best place to start.  It often turns out that the response to an ITP
dissuades the developer from taking on the packaging effort due to
licensing issues, or for whatever other reasons.  Or perhaps it happens
that the name on the original ITP isn't the one used for the actual
package due to a conflict with another package.  Once an ITP has lead to a
final commitment by the developer to package something under whatever name
is chosen for the package, then perhaps a package 'foobar-wishlist' could
be created in the BTS to track progress.  But I think that would have to
be in a action initiated by the developer (i.e. the developer instructs
the BTS to create the -wishlist package with his name/email on it) 

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