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[Debian Conference] Program : outlines


Here is the outlines of the proposed organization for the 5 days. Please
note that Mandrake will be here, so we need to organize something
pleasant and efficient for the public presentation (on saturday) :
enough CDs, Tee-Shirts, and... potato ?. 
There will be some discussions about the packaging formats, so we need also to
advertise deity, in order to popularize the ".deb".

The coding parties will be organized continually and on demand.

Please feel free to propose other themes, and remember to subscribe to
debian@lsm.abul.org by sending a message to sympa@lsm.abul.org with the
subject "Subscribe debian", in order to avoid discussing the details on


Wednesday the 5th (the boot): 
	- Speech from the Throne
	- contacts
	- organization of the next Conference (proposals)

Thursday the 6th (Debian internals/ by itself):
	- Packages Pools
	- QA issues
	- build daemon

Friday the 7th (Debian and Debian related projects):
	- SiteROCK (Christoph Lameter)
	- PingOO (educational distribution under GPL built on Debian)

Saturday the 8th (Debian and the "others" : users):
	- Public presentation

Sunday the 9th (Conclusion, end of unfinished works, touring :)
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10, rue du Bel Air, 74000 ANNECY / Tel.-Fax : 33.(0)
website : http://www.polynum.com
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