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Re: URGENT: Please evaluate this easy fix enabling wxgtk2.1 to build!

On Sun, 28 May 2000, Jim Lynch wrote:

> OK...
> Which version makes it buildable?
> (you know the choices are two: either the package builds under potato
> or else gets removed... Right now it does not build... I'm not so
> happy with that last choice, but I do relax a little knowing that at
> least if it disappears, it doesn't affect other packages in potato
> (wxftp would not be affected, it needs an earlier version))

I'd really like to reiterate the fact that I think it'd be good if _a_
version of wxgtk makes it into potato.  Granted 2.1.11 may not be the
most up-to-date version out there, but if waiting until 2.2 is released
means no wxgtk *at all* in potato, fixing the (smallish) bugs that are
stopping it from building seems to me to be a Good Plan.  Given the
frequency at which Debian releases seem to happen, if it gets left
until woody, that'll be a year or so of no wxgtk package in Debian.

If I *could* help to fix this, I would ... :-(


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