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Re: Does linux-2.2.15 have a serious disk problem? (was Re: End of first test cycle, new packages installed)

* Mike Bilow <mikebw@colossus.bilow.com> [000525 10:07]:
> On 2000-05-25 at 09:52 +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> > I am one of the victims. See 
> > http://kernelnotes.org/lnxlists/linux-kernel/lk_0005_03/msg00603.html
> > 
> > As one can see in the thread, even with andre hedricks Patches the
> > Problem is not resolved fully.
> Oooh, that's nasty.  I don't really know anything about the VIA chipset,
> but what happens if you config off DMA with hdparm on /dev/hda?  

I have taken down the goodies (eg 32bit access, dma,...) step by step.
That did help a bit each time. THe machine got slower but also a bit more
stable. It never survived more than 2 bonnie++ cycles, though.

With Andre Hettricks patch I run both much faster and more stable. It
lasted for more than an hour, I think.

> Also, I
> wonder if the chipset has an aperture issue: if you boot with "mem=63m"
> (instead of 64m) or "mem=60m" (to account for 4 MB page tables) do you get
> the same crashes?

This box has 256Mbyte of Ram and it is fully recogniced. Was that your

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