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Debian Conference survey : the results

Hello !

I'd like first to thank all the people who have taken the time to answer
the survey, and to apologize about the fact that I didn't take the time
to answer individually to each. Thanks again, that has been a great help
to make the decision.

If I don't count the french answers that I already knew, there has been
34 messages, distributed this way :

will attend : 13
will attend, at least partially : 5
have time or material constraints : 16

One must add to the number of attendees the ones who don't answer to
this survey, but give their opinion before. At least, we will be 20-30
in Bordeaux, and I hope a bit more. That's a good starting point.

The majority has time constraints (examinations, or previous
engagements), and, of course, some have material constraints, which
could have perhaps been solved if the notice was not so short.

As a result, the Debian Conference will be held in Bordeaux, from 5th to
9th of July 2000, and will be called "The Zeroth Conference" (as
proposed by Anthony Towns and Andreas Tille). The program will be
lighter than the program I had announced, but still substantial (the
HURD --- in coordination with the FSF---, packages pools, Quality 
Assurance, etc...).

The opportunity will be taken to gather, and to organize the First
Conference, that will be held in 2001. In order to take benefit
from the infrastructure of an University or High School AND to allow
students to come, I think that the good dat is in the end of September, 
beginning of October. I will come with proposals, and one meeting will 
be devoted to the organization of the event.

Now, I urge the attendees to subscribe to the debian-lsm list
(debian@lsm.abul.org) by sending a message to sympa@lsm.abul.org with
the Subject : "subscribe debian", in order to discuss in details the

The second thing to do is to register yourself : go to
http://lsm.abul.org and follow the links.

Thanks ! Cu in Bordeaux... or the next year ! (and don't forget your GPG
Thierry LARONDE <thierry.laronde@polynum.com>
10, rue du Bel Air, 74000 ANNECY / Tel.-Fax : 33.(0)
website : http://www.polynum.com
/home du SDF (Site Debian Francophone) : http://www.polynum.com/debian/

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