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Re: PROPOSAL: complete list of documentation files, "man <packagename>", all man pages refer to said doc list in "See Also" section

On Tue, May 23, 2000 at 01:28:05PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > I've long wanted to see that!  The primary packages I'd like to see
> > change their names are:
> > packaging-manual, developers-reference, maint-guide, doc-debian
> To debian-packaging-manual, debian-developers-reference, debian-maint-guide,
> debian-doc? The last one would be okay (although then it would be named
> differently than doc-linux*, which was the original, I guess), but the other
> three are way too long. (and yes, that's as much as a cosmetical remark as
> is the wish to rename them :)

Hmm.  How about:
debian-newmaint-guide  (better than just -maint-guide)

But then the first two package names are unreadable.  Is there a
really good reason why we shouldn't have long package names?  They're
not typed in very often, and enough of them would be visible in the
dselect window for their meanings to be obvious.

> Besides, if we rename them, they wouldn't get automatically upgraded
> anymore, unless we put dummy packages in place, which is Ugly(TM).

This is a longstanding general problem for which we have, as yet, not
found any good solution.



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