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ITA: libgd (not libgd-gif)

Looking at the changelog of libgd, there hasn't been an official upload 
since July of 1999. I mailed the maintainer 
"Dermot Bradley <bradley@debian.org>" and he has given me permission to 
take this package over.

For those of you who maintain a package that requires libgd, please
retrieve and test the packages I made. They are located at
http://openrock.net/~frb/gd/deb and the source is in ~frb/gd/src

Summary of changes I made:
Completely dropped libc5 support
Updated to 1.8.3 (current upstream version)
Enabled jpeg and xpm support (kept native gd, and png support)
Changed name to libgd1, libgd-dev and libgd-tools in light of the 
  drop of libc5 support

I believe I have all the conflicts, replaces, and provides set correctly for
a clean upgrade to any libc6 based distro. These packages are made for woody,
so please rebuild if you require them for potato

Frank Belew aka Myth

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