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Re: Stallman Admits to Copyright Infringement

If Stallman had his way music, video, ALL software
would be GPL.  We ALL copy music to some degree, but
this should be legal under the fair use principle.  I
buy a CD, then make a cassette for the car, and an MP3
for my computer or portable player.  I can now even
make my own CD's with tracks ripped off other cd's to
make a 'custom' collection (I used to do that with
LP's to cassettes)  I might lend a friend a copy,
that's a gray area but maybe my friend will like the
copy and buy his own CD.  That's a risk that the
industry just will have to take.  The line is crossed
when I go out and distribute hundreds of copies, which
is what napster ends up doing.  BTW Bruce P. had an
editorial comment on this a while ago posted to linuxtoday.com.

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