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Potato stats

Hello, world. Some more current stats for potato.

Uninstallable binaries by arch:
     i386     4/3937 (0.10%)
     sparc   10/3733 (0.27%)
     powerpc 30/3648 (0.82%) *new*
     alpha   34/3774 (0.90%)
     m68k    39/3686 (1.06%)
     arm     92/3473 (2.65%) *new*

(for comparison, slink uninstallables for non-i386 architectures are
around 1.5%. There are a number of arm binaries that have been recompiled
for unstable, but not for potato, which may improve the situation for arm)

Roughly, the out of date (binary & source) packages by arch:
    i386     42 /  25 (0.92%)
    sparc    72 /  43 (1.59%)
    alpha    85 /  47 (1.74%)
    m68k    101 /  55 (2.03%)
    arm     191 / 103 (3.81%) *new*
    powerpc 216 / 122 (4.51%) *new*

(for comparison, slink has roughly 30 out of date source packages for each
architecture, or about 1.90% of source packages)

So we have all bar two of our arches about as up-to-date as slink is right
now, and we have all bar one of our arches with much better installability
than in slink.

arm's about the worst off, both with the above stats, and that they don't
have any boot-floppies still. powerpc could probably do with some more
autobuilding, but it's not bad as is. And everything else is largely fine.

The details behind the stats are at http://auric.debian.org/~ajt/
as always.


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