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Re: [dark: READ!] CD images / Re: Formal objection: Changing how the testing of potato works would invalidate the whole test. So please don't change it.

On Mon, May 15, 2000 at 04:49:54PM +0200, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> Okay. Will a developer-signed "fake" .changes file with md5sum of the
> upgrade-all.tar do? Does it have to be placed in Incoming (on ftp-master I
> guess) or can you just fetch it from my website?

Yes, that will do.  I can fetch it, but that may be slow.  It's best
if it's already on the machine.

> (And maybe you could also sign it yourself... ;-)

I won't sign something I cannot review.

> apt 0.3.19 is something that I don't really know of, but it is supposed to fix
> very annoying deadlocks that occur only when installing/upgrading from CDs.
> AFAIK there's nothing on the boot floppies that can be broken by a new apt.

Boot-floppies contain the apt binary.  They will still use the old
binary for the initial install.  Installing the new apt means that
the source for the one on the boot-floppies goes missing, and also means
a new round of autocompiling.

> But if you are not going to install this (Please tell me!) than I can arrange
> for a README on the CDs that points out the problem and where a new apt is
> available.

I am not going to install it for this test cycle.

> I feel bad about having to do _your_ job. I'd love to have seen a message on
> debian-cd@lists saying "everything is ready, you can make CDs now." Or just
> something like my WaitingFor list posted once in a while to -release. And of
> course taking care about the upgrading stuff, which I felt _forced_ to do
> because no-one even _cared_.

You don't have to do my job.   You _are not_ doing my job -- you obviously
don't know how much is involved if you think that.  But if you want it,
just let me know, and you'll have it.  (Well, you will have to be a
Debian developer first.)  I'm royally sick of it by now.

Richard Braakman

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