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Re: ITP: py2html (related ITP: viewcvs)

>>>>> On Wed, 10 May 2000 17:07:53 +0200 (CEST)
>>>>> "h" == "Cyrille Chepelov (home)" <chepelov@calixo.net> wrote...

h> On Wed, 10 May 2000, Takuo KITAME wrote:
CC> Doesn't 'enscript -Epython -G -W html' already do that ? 
>> Oh...
>> Thaks.
>> Ok, no ITP needed for py2html.

h> Well, I don't know which of py2html or enscript generates the nicest HTML
h> for python files ; maybe a dependency from viewcvs on either package might
h> be nice (if viewcvs can be taught to look for py2html, then to enscript,
h> and only if you still feel like packaging py2html). 

h> What is the opinion of viewcvs' upstream maintainer ? Does this program
h> explicitly require py2html ?

Current stable version of ViewCVS require py2html, but next version
(0.5) will require enscript, I heard.

Takuo KITAME / kitame@northeye.org
   - It was a dark and stormy night... -

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