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Re: FYI: work on Mount Linux Olympus

Whoops. Sorry, bad form, I know.
License is GPL. I've already given them a heads-up on the issues between GPL
and QPL (it uses Qt2). I'm working on it ;).
Description: Remote configuration & management
 Mount Linux Olympus is a GPL'd Open Framework for central, remote
 configuration and maintenance of Linux systems. Using encrypted network
 tunnels for security and a software plugin model for flexibility, it's
 aim is to provide an unprecedented level of usability. By lowering the
 learning curve necessary to use and configure Linux properly, it will
 make Linux a very real option for the average user. Mount Linux Olympus
 provides a simple, clear and consistent graphical user interface to
 even the most complex of system configuration tasks, from setting up
 a network connection to maintaining a complex web server to installing
 new end-user software.

This desc is temporary until I work out the kinks; it will be split into
olympus-{client,server} at the very least - there may also very likely by a
-common package.

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