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Re: Archive is moving to auric / Incoming disabled

James Troup wrote:
> I am in the process of moving the archive to auric.  I've disabled
> Incoming (by removing write permissions) on master.  Sorry for the
> lack of notice but master is currently having some hardware issues and
> it seemed wise to step up the transition process.  I'll post further
> announcement(s) as work continues, but I hope to finish up tonight.
> Anyone who needs to upload packages Right Now can use an Upload Queue
> (e.g. samosa or uni-erlangen or [...])...

Note that since you wrote this, Incoming on master has reverted to 775.
I wonder what happens to packages that people mistakenly continue to
upload to there? (600+ since May 5th)

Also, is everyone going to eventually have modify their dupload settings
or whatever so they start uploading to ftp-master.debian.org?

And in general, how's the move going, for those of us who haven't been
able to keep up with the details on IRC? 


see shy jo

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