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Re: ITP: Zope tutorial (plus overriding problems)

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 02:53:58PM -0700, Erik wrote:
> > > situation? May I ignore this odd behavior? It will be fixed when the
> > > needed changes are integrated into the next release of Zope (author of
> > > both Zope and the Tutorial is the same company).
> > 
> > Oh. So just do Replaces: zope (<=version which fixes it)
> The replaces would assume that zope-tutorial does everything that zope does

No, that would be the case when _both_ Replaces and Conflicts were used.

Replaces: means `this package replaces some files from the package named in
Replaces field'. Conflicts: means `this package cannot work properly when
the package named in Conflicts field is installed'.

I wonder if this explanation should take a prominent place in the Debian

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