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Re: cron not updating -> errors

On 04-May-00, 12:47 (CDT), Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@i.am> wrote: 
> Hi!
> I suppose this is the usual behaviour of cron (running 3.0pl1-57 now), but
> it has shocked me.
> The thing is that if I remove a package that has a /etc/cron.d entry when
> there is less than one minute left for the run of the programs of this
> package, cron tries to execute them even though dpkg had removed the
> /etc/cron.d entry several seconds before. This leads to a typical file not
> found mail going to the administrator.

I keep thinking that there is a one minute delay between the time it
reads the crontab file and the time it tries execute the entries (as if
cron sequence at each minute was "execute loaded crontab entries; load
crontab entries from file"). (That is, if I create 'file' with an entry
that runs every minute, and I 'crontab file' at 10:13:45, the first run
doesn't occur until 10:15:00.) This is obviously not right, but the code
_seems_ right, and nobody has complained until now, and I never took the
time to trace it through in the debugger, I guess I need to.


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