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cron not updating -> errors


I suppose this is the usual behaviour of cron (running 3.0pl1-57 now), but
it has shocked me.

The thing is that if I remove a package that has a /etc/cron.d entry when
there is less than one minute left for the run of the programs of this
package, cron tries to execute them even though dpkg had removed the
/etc/cron.d entry several seconds before. This leads to a typical file not
found mail going to the administrator.

In my case the package was some scripts and one of them is run each minute,
so 100% of the times you do a dpkg -r of this package you get the mail. So
far the only solution that I have came up with for this was a post remove
script to stop and then start again cron, but this doesn't seem at all a
clean solution.

Any ideas?

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.i.am

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