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Re: admin: General change to mail in the @debian.org domain

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> All mail for @debian.org is now delivered to samosa for 'pre processing'
> before being routed to its destination. This is to ease the transistion to
> exim by reducing the mail load on master. When samosa receives an email it
> consults the LDAP directory and decides what it should do with the mail.
> If that user has an email forwarding setup then that is obeyed and the
> mail is routed directly to that address.

Hm, samosa is on above.net and is thus in the ORBS netblock of

joey@kite:~>host samosa.debian.org  
samosa.debian.org       A
joey@kite:~>rblcheck -t
not RBL filtered by rbl.maps.vix.com
RBL filtered by relays.orbs.org: above.net has multiple open relays and
has blocked the ORBS tester.

Anyway, while I just tag ORBS-blocked mail for amusement value, if
anyone is throwing it away, this recent change in Debian email handling
may produce unwanted consequences.

see shy jo

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