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admin: General change to mail in the @debian.org domain

Hi all,

In preperation of getting rid of qmail on master the mail configuration
for @debian.org addresses has been altered. The new setup is fairly
non-unixy, so please read this mail carefully. 

All mail for @debian.org is now delivered to samosa for 'pre processing'
before being routed to its destination. This is to ease the transistion to
exim by reducing the mail load on master. When samosa receives an email it
consults the LDAP directory and decides what it should do with the mail.
If that user has an email forwarding setup then that is obeyed and the
mail is routed directly to that address. Otherwise, if the user is not
found (say, due to an extension address), or the forwarding address is
blank the mail is directed to master for processing by the .qmail files.

In future we will arrange for lists.debian.org to do this same processing
locally so that list mails are delivered without passing through another
one of our systems. We will also arrange for the debian.org mx's to do
this processing. The net effect is that people forwarding email through
@debian.org will find that it is even more reliable.

Nearly all the email flowing through master will result in the forwarding
rule being used, and is 'exim ready'. The remaining accounts will have to
be carefully prepped (by me) for exim, either by creating a .forward file,
or making sure the .procmail file is correct.

Mail being sent out from master now flows through the secondary exim
mailer. This ensures that it gets routed to samosa for this special LDAP

Other systems (va, auric, etc) also use this information as a default
action if the user has no .forward file.

I have posted information about how the LDAP portion of this works at


The one line summary is:

echo "emailfoward: foo@bar.com" | gpg --clearsign | mail change@db.debian.org

Lots of double checking has been done at this stage of things, I do not
expect this will cause any mail loss.

Over the next few days I will be working on converting our virtual domains
and user .qmail files to something exim will understand. I would greatly
appreciate it if during this time nobody changed their .forward/.qmail
files on master - it will greatly simplify my task. 


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