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Re: scalapack missing from frozen?

Greetings, and thanks for the reply!  I've corresponded with Philipp
in the past about scalapack, and have helped with some patches and
especially with some compilation services, as he has limited hardware,
as he notes in the bug reports.  Unfortunately, after our last
exchange, after which I believe we had an error free package, I forgot
to keep track of scalapack in potato, and am now regretting its
removal.  I feel fairly confident that I could fix these bugs in a few
days if there were any possibility of having them reinstated into
frozen.  But if there is no such chance, (and I certainly understand
if there is not), I'm very busy with other things!

Please cc to me directly if possible.


Jim Lynch <jim@laney.edu> writes:

> I think scalapack was removed due to bugs.
> -Jim
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