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Re: intent to package bootcd

Bernd Schumacher writes:

> Any comments? Is anybody else working on such a debian package?

Yes. Though I've done very little and because you have completed what I was 
intending to do I really see no reason to complete mine. Well, it's
nice to see such a package! I've really missed something like this.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w -- # Ari Makela, hauva@iki.fi, http://www.iki.fi/hauva/
use strict;my $s='I am just a poor bear with a startling lack of brain.';my $t=
crypt($s,substr($s,0,2));$t=~y#IEK65c4qx AR#J o srtahuet#;$t=~s/hot/not/;my
@v=split(//,$t);push(@v,split(//,reverse('rekcah lreP')));foreach(@v){print;}

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