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Re: Question: True non-interactive network based install

> I guess the easiest way would be to modify dbootstrap to do this, but I'm
> wondering if it just wouldn't be better to write a different package to take
> care of this.  If that's the case, then sure I'll do that, and definatley
> make it GPL'd of course (just have to arm-twist our legal department here,
> but it's worth it in this case)

A goal for woody is to make dbootstrap get the answers to it's questions
from a config file. This could include using bootp, which would handle the
network configuration. The only real problem is an intelligent and sane
way to automatically (using some generic base values) partition the
system. Solaris jumpstart has some interesting stuff for this, but I'm
pretty sure you can expand on it, since it does have some drawbacks.


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