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wrong perspectives and algebra (was: Re: potato late ...)

Potato isn't stable.  Slink is what we're telling people to use, even
though we refuse to use it ourselves.  We're complacent because the
Debian _we_ use is modern.  We don't consider this hipocracy because
``we're developers!  We're supposed to run `Unstable.' ''

We're at the very end (I hope) of a release cycle, so $STABLE is at its
maximum age, so $STABLE's age is as much as a problem as it ever gets
(call it a badness-factor of N).  A shorter dev cycle, say of ${NORMAL}/2
makes (assuming the badness function is linear) the end-of-cycle badness
factor of $STABLE half of N.

For Potato/Slink, N is very large, C.  If the Woody/Slink N is half of C,
we'd be at about double that of Redhat-Bar/Redhat-Foo's N.  It's not
great, but it is acceptable.  N's of the Potato/Slink variety are not.

Oh, yes, IANADD, btw. 

						- chad

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