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Re: postgresql-6.5.3 (potato): Re: First Test Cycle starts today

"Juergen A. Erhard" wrote:
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> I take it the whole problem is: How can postgres 6.5 get at the 6.3
> bins?
> Maybe an answer: what does apt do with pre-depends?  If it installs
> that pre-depended-on package before even touching postgres, we have a
> way; do a tiny dummy package that saves those 6.3 binaries somewhere,
> and let 6.5 pick 'em up right there.
> Okay, it's more than ugly... but it's a way.  (And it's not
> unknown... there are some packages, like VICE, which create a temp dir
> somewhere (defaults to ~root/<somedirname>, but editable by user).

Another possibility would be to hard link them to another name in 
the same directory they are in.  That is if the directory they are 
in won't also be deleted.  The postgres package could then rename 
them back and use them to do the upgrade.

A method that is wastefull of space would be to just pack the old 
6.3 executables in with the 6.5 ones so they are there for use.  
The package would as one of it's last steps after upgrading the 
DBs delete the 6.3 executables.

As a DB administrator I'd be very leary of deleting old executables 
needed to access old revisions of a database untill I was sure I 
wouldn't have to use them again.  This could be as long as a year or 
more after I stopped using that version in production.  You never
know when you may have to go back to a backed up version of your DB, 
even if it is only for refference, not data recovery.

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