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Re: phasing out override files

Tommi Virtanen wrote:
> 	I'm not sure how you generated the diff, but something
> 	seems weird. I've never seen kernellab classified as
> 	"science", and can't see such an entry on master with
> 	grep kernellab $(locate override)
> 	either. Your diff had:
> -kernellab      science optional
> +kernellab      misc    optional

That would be a bug in my script. It retained the section and priority info
from the previous package it looked at, if the cuirrent package had no info
of its own. Let me regenerate the stats with that fixed[1]..

New diff is attached. It looks like about 70% of packages that include
section and priority info get it right, not the 80% I got before.

see shy jo

[1] Here's the script I used this time for reference.

    perl -ne '$i=`dpkg --info $_`; $s=$1 if $i=~m/ Section: (.*)/; $p=$1 if
    $i=~m/ Priority: (.*)/; $pkg=$1 if m:.*/(.*?)_:; print "$pkg\t$s\t$p\n";

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