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Re: First approximation of source line count for potato

Lars counted lines in potato and said:
>       Files  Size      Lines    AWK  C       C++    Perl  Python
>       714315 7497103.3 228096.6 39.0 80457.0 7500.0 693.0 595.0

That sounds high.  I have a counter program that I haven't quite
finished, I have much lower numbers.  Either yours are over counting,
mine are under counting, or I forgot the numbers.  (Can't get to them
for a few hours.  I cratered the gateway at my house and have to lay
on hands.)

I'll put up a web page of the results tonight.  It would be nice if
a few developers would independently spot check the results.

I was concerned about publishing these numbers.  I'd hate to have people
saying things like "Operating system XXX is bloated, it has 4 times as 
much source as operating system YYY."

> File type recognition is based on filename suffix, I didn't have the
> patience to run file on each file.

Great minds think alike. :-)  `file' is shockingly slow when you think 
about 714315 files.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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