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First approximation of source line count for potato

I had a script for calculating the number of lines of source code in
slink. I've since lost the script, but the results should be archived
somewhere in Debian's mailing list archives.

I wrote a new script and ran it on a potato mirror a couple of days
old. The temporary results are in http://liw.iki.fi/liw/foo.html
(WATCH OUT! it's an 800 kilobyte table, which is quite slow to display
on Netscape). The totals are below:

      Files  Size      Lines    AWK  C       C++    Perl  Python
      714315 7497103.3 228096.6 39.0 80457.0 7500.0 693.0 595.0

Size is in kilobytes, line counts are in units of 1000 lines. That is,
there are about 7.5 gigabytes of files in source packages, making about
230 million lines, of which about 80 million lines are C.

File type recognition is based on filename suffix, I didn't have the
patience to run file on each file.

If anyone has suggestions for better statistics, let me hear them.

Stupid little mailer under construction, sorry for any problems.

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