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Is there an update on the status of XFree86 4.0?

On March 12th, an upcoming roadmap was presented, stating that XF4.0 
debs would first be packaged in an extremely experimental way 
(requiring fresh installs rather than upgrades to test out different 
versions) and would not be APT-able, but would be available via the 
Debian X-Force homepage.  Then they would go to an APT-able system when 
the details of how they would be packaged was finalised, and eventually 
make it into woody proper.

Since then, the X-Force homepage was last updated 16 March, XF4.0 has 
not really been mentioned on debian-x (and the archives end at 4 
April), and no updates on the current status have been mentioned on 
debian-devel (to my knowledge).

So...  What's up with XF4.0?  Is work being done?


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