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dbf to sql conversion

I've been looking for a utility that will help me convert .dbf files to SQL files.  I'm not sure how the .dbf files were created; they're from an old DOS-based laboratory information management system (LIMS), and in a .dbf format.  We're upgrading to a Windows version; running Windows NT 4.0 Server and Workstation, and SQL Server. 
I'm able to import the files into a MS Access database, but I ran into an overflow problem when I tried to export them as ODBC files.  (it worked up to about 100,000 records and then it filled up one of the log files and I haven't been able to successfully continue-- I'm not sure what is causing the overflow)
I have 2 tables to convert -- one has about 200,000 records and the other has around 700,000 records.
I know this note isn't very clear but I'm hoping you can give me some idea about how to approach this conversion successfully.
Thank you,
Al Komarek
City of Tulsa, OK

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