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RE: potato late, goals for woody (IMHO)

> Don't compare with windows, compare first with other linux 
> distributions as redhat, suse, caldera, mandrake and also 
> corel. We (debian) were one of the three global players in 
> the beginning, but we are now something between 5 and 10. 
> Give others (companies) the chance to make debian better, 
> and for this we must be predictable.

We can't really over-simplify the reasons for the change.  Our
installed count may be very much like it used to be -- it's
just that the pie has grown and our share has not.

I suspect a large part of our problem is the lack of stable
releases.  How can we be perceived as a top technical distro
when Red Hat is able to release newer software than ours on
a more reliable basis?  Or more importantly, why would an
average user select our tardy products when Red Hat <sarcasm>
so clearly has the most recent/best stuff out there? </sarcasm>

> Debian must be installable, secure, easy adminable and upgrade 
> capable (with some new upstream topics). 
We are secure, and upgrade-capable.  I never found much to
complain about with the installation, but many people seem to
find it difficult so I must concede that it is.  I think it
is generally as adminable as you can be without sacrificing
functionality or security.  Sure, we could Wizardify things,
but it might cause more trouble than it's worth....

> For me as a linux trainer, it is a pain to be forced to use 
> suse or redhat. 
And why is this the case?  Is it because Debian does not contain
the software you need, or does Debian not have up-to-date
features, or do your clients request to be trained on one
of these more "mainstream" products?  These answers might help
us figure out what to do :-)



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